Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. Does the Uniqia Night Light use battery or just plug in a power socket?

Uniqia Night Light does not use any battery. Instead, it is directly plugged into a power socket.


2. How much power does a Uniqia Night Light consume?

Typically, a Uniqia Night Light uses less than 0.3 watt.


3. Can the image plate in Uniqia Night Light be switched or replaced?

Yes. You can pop out the glass image plate and replace it with a different one.


4.Can I customize the night light using my own image?

Yes. We can engrave your own image in the glass plate to make it a fully personalized night light.


5. What image format can Uniqia take?

We can process almost any image format.


6. What is the requirement for my customized image?

Typically, we require image have minimum resolution of 600 pixels for good result. Today, a photo from any cell phone has much more pixels than this.


7. Can I add text to the Uniqia Night Light?

Yes. You can add text on a Uniqia Night Light.


8. Does the price listed in Uniqia.com include shipping?

Yes. All products sold on the Uniqia.com site include free shipping to the lower 48 States.


9. Can I only order an image plate?

Yes. You can just order a glass image plate to replace the one in your Uniqia Night Light.


10.How long will it take to process my order?

Typically, we ship out an order with 2 working days.


11. Can I resell the Uniqia Night Light in my store?

Yes. Please email info@uniqia.com for more information. Currently, we have many retailers selling our products.


12. Can I track my order shipment?

Yes. Orders are shipped using USPS Express Mail with tracking.


13. Is the Uniqia Night Light shipped from US or abroad?

The products are shipped directly from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. We use USPS Express Mail with tracking for shipping.


14. Can I create my own design to sell?

Yes. We encourage people to create their own designs and products to sell in their local markets.


15. Is the Uniqia Night Light UL certified?

We have ETL certification which is UL equivalent.


16. Does Uniqia Night Light have light sensing (automatic) switch?

Yes, we do have light sensing switched night light. Please ask for light sensing (automatic) switch in the comment field when placing your order. The default is manual switched night light.